The InnoVantage

What’s different about InnoStreams?

InnoStreams is the first purpose-built platform for the commercialization of ideas that adapts principles of design thinking, lean startup, collaboration models, and portfolio theory into software that enables easy enterprise adoption.


Harmonize // Stream It

Achieve a bird’s-eye-view of the innovation lifecycle. Communicate with clarity across traditionally siloed perspectives and unleash interdepartmental collaboration to validate every angle of the innovative ideas.

Idea Commercialization // Digitized

Getting from ideation to validated business opportunities requires action and experimentation. Current approaches are lost in debate around process when they should be finding a way for rubber to meet the road. InnoStreams pulls the abstract into tangible software that can be easily adopted by any enterprise.

Collaboration // A Common Language

Our 3 streams use a consistent set of metrics that allow innovators who have been historically siloed into mutually exclusive departments to finally speak to one another. The InnoStreams platform creates a common vernacular enabling cross-departmental challenges, unique contributions, and an increased rate of communication.

Close The Commercialization Gap

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