Enabling Hackathons

Whether you’re bringing your teams together for a live hackathon, or you’re planning a virtual innovation event to focus on a specific topic, InnoStreams can enable you identify your best opportunities and progress them to a point where leadership can make informed decisions on which to pursue. Then, your product teams can pick up within the InnoStreams platform right where the hackathon teams left off.

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Establish Hackathon Best Practices Using InnoStreams

Hackathons can require a lot of time and energy—from the organizers and from the participants. InnoStreams helps you make the most of your investment by implementing a variety of best practices:

  • Have a clearly established goal, implemented through themes, campaigns, or just open brainstorming sessions in an Ideathon.
  • Filter the best ideas and encourage the submitting teams to model their ideas using best practice business modeling frames like Business Model Canvas.
  • Engage reviewers and stakeholders, whether they are physically present at your Hackathon or remote, to identify key challenges that must be addressed by the Hackathon teams.
  • Encourage your teams to update their skills profiles, so you have visibility into how best to organize your Hackathon teams to address the key challenges.
  • Consider running parallel sessions during your Hackathons to train your teams on best practice methodologies like Design Thinking and Lean Startup, as your teams gear up to ‘hack through’ the selected ideas, running experiments to validate the problem and de-risk the solution
  • Track how the value of the opportunity evolves as your teams work through the de-risking process.

Enabling Intrapreneurship at Nokia


Getting employee teams together to brainstorm ideas, using IdeaStreams to capture ideas simply

Jury Review

Jury Teams review the best opportunities to move forward into projects

Intrapreneur Teams

Funded to run small projects through the Lean Startup process

InnoStreams helps organizations optimize

business value as opportunities evolve by connecting siloed teams to focus on the actions and decisions that drive the most impact, and deliver successful business outcomes.

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