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  • History

    After founding the industry’s largest idea management software platform for the enterprise, Spigit in 2007, Paul Pluschkell met Sreenivasa Gorti and created a platform to take ideas to quality go/no-go decisions. Innovation Performance has suffered because the big bang is typically about the manifestation of an idea rather than the validation of that idea. More valuable for a business than a new idea is being able to quickly, and cheaply, execute, test, and evolve an idea. And in many cases how quickly can you kill ineffective ideas.

  • Approach

    We digitize and optimize the commercialization process, improving the efficiency and quality and driving institutional learning through continuous data collection. We use multi-stream intelligent support to augment innovation team capabilities with simple models and flexible structure to evolve their ideas into validated business opportunities. We use collaboration mechanisms that make it easy to meaningfully engage stakeholders early during the process. We generate relevant real-time information helping you to cut through uncertainty and make quality decisions across the portfolio.

  • Culture

    New product ideas are not the only – or even the most important – outcome of an innovation initiative. Perhaps more valuable is the big-picture perspective it can give you: shedding new light on market dynamics and the larger-scale or longer-term opportunities before you. Only then can you lead innovation in your industry rather than scramble to respond to it.

  • Method

    InnoStreams has merged the best practices of design thinking, lean startup, collaboration models, and portfolio theory into a software platform for easy adoption into any enterprise.

Why did we build InnoStreams?

Over the last twenty years, there has been an intense corporate focus on innovation, driven initially by management consulting, and then supported by a variety of software tools that have sprung up over the last decade. Much progress has been made. And yet, our conversations with customers point to a vexing paradox:

Our customers: “We have focused a lot of energy on creating a culture of ideas; our innovation program is not generating the value we expect”

The old ways of managing and tracking projects and the associated tools are too heavyweight and cumbersome. We have found that the best innovation commercialization efforts are built on well managed process, and need support and championing from exceptionally committed leaders. Sustainability is a common issue in such programs, even though they do sometimes lead to well-advertised success.

InnoStreams was founded on the premise that software eats everything (including process). We did not see a software tool in the marketplace that aligns to our insights based on our own personal experiences with innovation. So we built it.


Paul Pluschkell
Investor / Co-Founder

Paul Pluschkell is an accomplished serial entrepreneur who has a passion for applying new technologies to solve large scale business problems. (more…)

Sreenivasa Gorti
CTO / Co-Founder

Sreenivasa Gorti is a technology leader with a proven track record of leading technology innovation and development. (more…)

Troy Trenchard
Senior VP Product Management

Troy Trenchard leads Product Management at InnoStreams. Troy joined InnoStreams in 2018, bringing more than 30 years (more…)

Joe Messina
VP Customer Success

Joe Messina began his career over 30 years ago building and supporting digital 3D modeling and simulation platforms at Lockheed, IBM and Siemens PLM. If you ride a car, plane, train or bike… if you use a phone, (more…)

Sandeep Jain
VP Business Development

Sandeep is passionate about driving growth within new and existing businesses, leading high performing teams, and supporting and inspiring my team members to grow and transform themselves and their careers. (more…)

Doug Allen
VP Marketing

Doug has experience leading marketing and creative teams a focus on beautiful, purposeful content. (more…)

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