• A High-Velocity Platform
    To Manage Decisions For
    Digital Initiatives

    Identify and prioritize opportunities, foster engagement and alignment, capture learnings and institutional knowledge, and balance agility with quality


Braidio Acquires InnoStreams

“InnoStreams is the most comprehensive and all-inclusive tool available for collecting ideas and converting them into strategic high-value opportunities,” — Noy Itzikowitz, Head of R&D // Nokia Cloudband Network Director

Build And Maintain Alignment

Engage your teams around a common language to discuss new opportunities

Manage Risk And Uncertainty

Update your collective organizational understanding around your ongoing opportunities as conditions change

Drive Agile

Maintain a clear, continuously updated investment perspective on all your opportunities to make decisions based on validated data

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is leading Digital Transformation


Make Go/No-Go Decisions With Confidence

InnoStreams enables quality decision-making and helps you achieve predictable growth by creating a transparent innovation lifecycle. The platform provides tools to test assumptions at every stage and engage multiple perspectives easily, giving you confidence in your team’s outputs. This enables your enterprise to transform from a culture of debate to a culture of experimentation.


Model your ideas in precise form using simple and flexible templates and meaningfully engage stakeholders from diverse perspectives


Collaboratively formulate and prioritize assumptions to test, determine experiments to conduct, and gather compelling evidence to validate or invalidate your key model assumptions

Track Value

Use quality information generated through the build-test-learn cycle to continuously track value evolution across a single project and across your portfolio.


Learn from past projects and improve your process over time. Get from ideation to commercialization with speed and certainty. Foster a culture of getting to YES!

Achieve Predictable Growth

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